One-stop turn-key PCB Manufacturing


UL TS16949 ISO certificate; IPC standard compliant

Zero defect on product quality; Precision instrument is being used in SanDeYing

  • All PCBs are 100% electrical tested. Electrical test mainly has flying probe test and E-fixture test. Flying probe test is used for sample or small quantities orders due to flexibility, but comparatively less efficient. E-fixture test is applied for large quantity orders or repeat orders. There are automatic picking and placing machines here. They can pick and send PCBs to E-fixture test machines automatically, and place the PCBs at appointed places after testing, according to the test result.

  • All PCBs are 100% visual inspected. Inspected items including shape, appearance, hole, track, solder mask, silk screen, and so on. Each batch of PCBs has microsection and thermal shock test. From microsection, it is able to check the copper thickness inside holes, copper thickness of tracks. The thermal shock test is able to know the solderability and high temperature resistance. All test and inspect results are recorded in inspection report, and shipped together with the PCBs.


More than 10 years experiences in the production of PCB

Professional Engineer and oversea sells team in PCB industry fully involved in the whole business procedures

You are working with a team of experienced engineers, not only one or two sales person, if you are working with SanDeYing Electronic.

There are about 20 engineers, and all of them have more than 10 years experience in PCB industry. They are fully involved in the whole business procedures, from quotation to order, from material to production, from delivery to after sell service. They evaluate the documents from customers, help to quote correct prices and understand requirements from customers correctly. They examine every detail of orders carefully, check the files and confirm with customer, help to produce exactly what customer need. They make a specific manufacturing instruction for each PCB, which is understandable for common workers. They help to offer technical support to customers.


Automated production equipment greatly improve the production efficiency and products quality

Complete PCB production Line On-Site .Saving Transportation Time in Different procedures and Increasing Yield Rate

More than 80% are automated production equipment, and a variety of famous brand equipment are used in all processes, including Drilling, Electroless Plating, Electroplating, Etching, Solder Mask, Silk Screen, Chemical Gold, Electrolytic Gold, CNC Profiling, Electrical Testing, and Packing.

Those equipments are made by HITACHI, TIMAX, TALIANG, TONGTAI, ZHNEGZHI, C SUN, UCE, and so on, mainly from Japan, China Taiwan and Hong Kong. Those automated and quality equipments greatly improve the production efficiency and products quality, reduce the defect rate, and avoid the possible mistakes by manual operation.


Comprehensive technical support from design to manufacture

On time delivery, quick response for inquiries

We provide 24 hours on-line professional Pre-sale, Selling and After-Sale service to solve any question about the order.

Any time, any requirement will get Prompt Reply from our well-trained and friendly support staff.

Seeing is believing--how does SDY looks like

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