Mar 18 , 2019

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PCB Printed Circuit Board Common Failure dialysis

PCB, commonly known as printed circuit board, is an indispensable part of electronic components and plays a central role. In a series of PCB production processes, there are a lot of matching points. If you are not careful, the board will be flawed, and the quality of the PCB will end up in an endless stream. Therefore, after the circuit board is formed, the test is an indispensable part. Let's share with you the failure of the PCB board and its solutions.

PCB Printed Circuit Board Common Failure dialysis

1. PCB board often stratifies in use

Reasons: (1) supplier material or process issues.
(2) poor design and poor copper distribution.
(3) the storage time is too long, exceeds the storage period, and the PCB board is damp.
(4) improper packaging or preservation, damp

Solution: Choose the package and store it with constant temperature and humidity equipment. Do a good job in the factory reliability test of PCB, for example, the thermal stress test in the PCB reliability test. The responsible supplier is require the standard for confirming the non-layering of more than 5 times, and confirming it in each stage of the sample stage and mass production. The average manufacturer may only request 2 times and will only confirm it once in a few months. The IR test of the analog placement can also prevent the outflow of defective products more, which is a must for an excellent PCB factory. In addition, the PCB plate Tg should be selected above 145°C, so that it is safer.

Reliability test equipment: constant temperature and humidity chamber, stress screening type thermal shock test chamber, special equipment for PCB reliability test.

2. PCB board solderability is poor

Reason: The placement time is too long, resulting in moisture absorption, the layout is contaminated, oxidized, black nickel is abnormal, solder-proof SCUM (shadow), and anti-solder PAD.

Solution: Pay attention to the quality control plan of the PCB factory and the standards for maintenance. For example, black nickel, need to see whether there is no gold out of the PCB board production plant, whether the concentration of the chemical line is stable, whether the analysis frequency is sufficient, whether the regular stripping test and the phosphorus content test are set to detect, whether the internal soldering test is Have good execution, etc.

3. PCB board bending

Reason: The supplier's material selection is unreasonable, the production process is poorly controlled, the storage is improper, the operation pipeline is abnormal, the copper area of each layer is obviously different, and the fracture hole is not made firmly.

Solution: press the board with the wood pulp board and then pack and ship it to avoid deformation in the future. If necessary, add a clamp on the patch to prevent the device from over-bending the board. The PCB needs to be simulated before the packaging to simulate the placement of IR conditions, so as to avoid the phenomenon of plate bending after the furnace.

4. PCB board impedance is poor

Reason: The impedance difference between PCB batches is relatively large.

Solution: Manufacturers are required to attach a batch test report and impedance bar when delivering, and if necessary, provide comparison data between the board diameter and the board edge diameter.

5. anti-weld foaming / shedding

Reason: There is a difference in the selection of solder resist inks, and the PCB board anti-welding process is abnormal, resulting in heavy work or patch temperature.

Solution: PCB suppliers should develop PCB board reliability testing requirements and control them in different production processes.

6. The Cavalier effect

Reason: The electrons dissolve into copper ions in the process of OSP and ginseng, resulting in a difference in potential between gold and copper.

Solution: Manufacturers need to pay close attention to the potential difference between gold and copper in the production process.

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