Mar 29 , 2019

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Why electrical test is necessary for PCB production?

Electrical test is an important process of Printed Circuit Board production, and one of the major quality guarantee methods. Previous article, Printed Circuit Board Electrical Testing, shares the electrical test methods, charges and the comparison between different electrical test methods.

It received a lot of comments below the article, and we noticed an interesting comment that, “Why would electrical test be necessary if you manufacture PCB in good quality?”

This is interesting, because it seems a dilemma between customers and PCB manufacturer. The customer would say, why would electrical test be necessary if you manufacture PCB in good quality? On the other hand, the PCB manufacture would say, how can the quality be guaranteed without electrical test?

Why electrical test is necessary for PCB production?

It is common sense that final test and inspection is a common process to ensure products quality in all industrials. The fact is that, a factory manages the products quality from the raw materials to production and to final test. Electrical test is a necessary process to check and mange the PCB quality. A well organized and performed electrical test is an indispensable part of the whole production process. The production process would not be complete without electrical test. So it is easy to know, that it is hard to ensure the PCB quality without complete production process before shipment.

Well, there might be further question that, does it mean there would be no good product without test? Of course not, the defect boards are a small part the whole batch boards. Only a certain portion or part of the boards has defects, and this portion is called defect rate. A good factory has smaller defect rate and saves much cost on rework or repair.

SDY has smaller defect rate, which saves much cost on rework and repair, and reduces the overall cost in total. So SDY keeps the production cost under control and tries to offer competitive prices to customers. Kindly please feel free to contact [email protected] or our engineers for any PCB questions or RFQs.

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