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SanDeYing Electronic is an international leader in printed circuit boards, we strive to provide our customers with expanded manufacturing capabilities in order to fit the wide variety of quality PCBs they require. Below you will find a listing of Sandeying Electronic’s standard manufacturing capabilities. If you require something that is not listed, please contact SDY to give us the opportunity to accommodate your individual need.

SanDeYing Electronic offers advanced PCB manufacturing service meeting requirements of all industries, including: Telecommunications;Medical;Military and Defense; Computer and Consumer Electronics; Automotive; LED Lighting and so on.

PCB Capabilities
Item Capabilities
Monthly capability 25000sqm/month
Layer 1-14 Layers
Board material FR-4 Tg130 / FR-4 tg140 / FR-4 Tg150 / FR-4 Tg170 / FR-4 Tg180 / FR-4 CTI175 / FR-4 CTI300
Surface treatment HASL / RoHS-HASL / Immersion gold / Plating gold / Gold fingers / OSP
Solder mask colour Green / Blue / Red / Black / Yellow / White
Silk screen colour White, Black, Yellow
Tolerance Board thickness tolerance / Board thickness≤1.0mm: +/-0.1mm / Board thickness 1.0-2.0mm: +/-10% / Board thickness >2.0mm: +/-8%
PTH diameter tolerance: +/-0.075mm / NPTH diameter tolerance: +/-0.05mm / Hole location tolerance: +/-0.075mm
Outline tolerance / Length≤100mm: +/-0.1mm / Length 100-300mm: +/-0.15mm / Length >300mm: +/-0.2mm
V-cut dept tolerance: +/-0.1mm
Technical Specification Min line width/space: 0.075/0.075mm
Min PTH copper thickness: 20um
Min hole diameter: 0.2mm
Min pad ring: 0.1mm
UL certified max copper thickness: 6oz(including Multilayer, double layers and single layer boards)
Max board size: 560*410mm
Board thickness / Double-sided board: 0.2-7.0mm / Multilayer board: 0.4-7.0mm
Solder mask bridge: ≥0.08mm
Aspect ratio: 8:1
Via plugging capacity: 0.2-0.6mm
Board bow and twist: ≤0.75%
Au, Ni, HASL thickness: 1, Immersion gold: Au 1-4u” / 2, Gold fingers: Au 1-50u” / 3, Plating gold: Au 1-5u” / 4, Ni thickness: 100-200u” / 5, HASL thickness: 1-50um / 6, OSP thickness: 0.3-0.5um

Production Equipment

  • Automatic V-CUT machine

    Automatic V-CUT machine

  • Automatic Dry Film Laminating

    Automatic Dry Film Laminating

  • Automatic exposure machine

    Automatic exposure machine

  • Automatic Material Cutting Machine

    Automatic Material Cutting Machine

  • Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

    Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

  • Automatic Silk Screen Printing Machine

    Automatic Silk Screen Printing Machine

  • Electrical Test Machine

    Electrical Test Machine

  • CNC Routing Machine

    CNC Routing Machine

  • Dril workshop

    Dril workshop

  • Drilling Machine

    Drilling Machine

  • Automatic Edge Grinding Machine

    Automatic Edge Grinding Machine

  • Oven


  • Test Line

    Test Line

  • Auto Film Striping

    Automatic Film Striping

  • Auto Silk Printing

    Automatic Silk Printing

  • Auto solder mask printer

    Automatic solder mask printer

  • Automatic Copper Plating Line

    Automatic Copper Plating Line

  • Circuit Scrubbing Machine

    Circuit Scrubbing Machine

  • Dust-free workshop

    Dust-free workshop

  • Electrical Test workshop

    Electrical Test workshop

  • FQC


  • Pattern Plating

    Pattern Plating

  • Sold Mask Developing

    Sold Mask Developing

  • Solder Mask Pretreatment

    Solder Mask Pretreatment

Production Process

Production Process

How to make quality PCBs?

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